Ommniverse launches Fractional Ownership NFT marketplace for hunting the growth in the digital World!

2 min readJan 16, 2023

Ommniverse announced the long-awaited debut of its online Fractional Ownership marketplace for nonfungible tokens, or Fractional NFTs, in a bid to reinvent it is business and cash in on consumer adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for hunting the growth in the digital web 3 world.

The platform, which is now open to the public for beta testing, allows users to connect their own digital asset wallets including the recently launched Ommniverse Wallet.

The Ommniverse platform, which will open for the public for beta testing, allows users to connect their own digital asset wallets, including the recently launched Ommniverse Wallet, the Ommniverse team said in their recent Zoom Meeting. Ommniverse Fractional Ownership NFT Marketplace will be able to buy, sell and trade Fractional NFTs of virtual goods. Over time, the marketplace will expand to offer other features such as Web3 gaming.

This is the latest push by the game retailer to invest in a digital future. Ommniverse is undergoing a turnaround following several years of financial struggles, burdened in part by its massive real estate footprint and the videogame industry’s rapid shift online.

The Ommniverse team is trying to win over investors who may have written Ommniverse off as a legacy retailer with too many storefronts in outdated shopping malls. In addition to its namesake business, it also owns different gaming platforms also.

Now the Ommniverse is tapping into buzzy areas like Fractional NFTs for growth. The unique digital assets have drawn both enthusiasm and skepticism. Some retail industry watchers expect them to become a hot holiday gift.

Others, however, may see the marketplace as coming a little too late. Sales of digital artwork virtual and avatars could be cooling off from their pandemic-fueled highs. Ommniverse must also compete with other established Fractional Ownership NFT marketplaces, including the behemoth OpenSea.

And so far, the Ommniverse team’s digital-first turnaround hasn’t been without its road bumps. Ommniverse is making investments to drive customer loyalty and build up its brand, which has weighed on profitability.

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